Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paper Diamonds Band Shoot

I've been slacking on my blogs....I'm just now finally getting around to this one and it's November. Shame on me. Two more blogs on the way after this though! I will try to get to them up this weekend.

So, on October 25th I shot five (hilarious) guys that make up the band known as: Paper Diamond's.
I shot at the abandoned "School Number Four" in downtown Jacksonville again. Upon arrival, I noticed that there was actually a notice on the door of the school saying it was to be torn down in 15 days from that date. I was sad to hear this since I've really enjoyed shooting there for this band shoot as well as Amy's fashion shoot earlier on in September. On the other hand though I was very excited and grateful I got to shoot at this location period because it had taken me so long to find the building in the first place.

So .... the band Paper Diamond's is made up of: Daniel Halvorsen, Matt Herrington, Nick Diperna, Ian Peterson and Brett Arnold. These guys were really great to shoot. All five of them really helped me create some amazing images for them.... but I can honestly say I don't think I've ever laughed so hard for two straight hours during a shoot. They were hilarious! I had to keep wiping my eyes because they were watering from laughter..... and watery eyes don't mix well with taking pictures, obviously ;)

It was a pleasure doing band photos for these talented artists and you should really check them out. I want a copy of the upcoming cd they will be releasing for myself. I will post a link to their website/fan page as soon I get it. I wish these guys the best in all they do, I really think they will go far :)

Here are some of my favorite shots:

The only two candid shots I took.... I couldn't stop cracking up while editing, I love it.

Daniel Halvorsen
Brett Arnold
Ian Peterson
Matt Herrington
Nick Diperna

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