Friday, July 9, 2010

Attempt at a re-vamp

Okay, so I have been an absolutely terrible blogger. I started up with such determination NOT to let this thing fade away and just sit here never updated...and that's exactly what I end up doing.

I have had so many amazing sessions and some fantastic developments for my company and that I'm not even sharing in the blog world! I do update my Facebook fan page frequently but my new motivation is to keep both of these bad boys up to date. I will do it... I will do it... I will do it...

I started with a change of look, colors + layout for the blog so I'm making efforts!

Next I need to somehow catch up on all the shoots and images from the past 6, yeah.

I look back at my last post from Amanda's Maternity Progression Series and um let's just say she already had beautiful baby Cole ....2 months ago. If you are looking for updated sessions and images check out the Facebook page for now, until I get this thing updated and running again.

I promise, I will! :)

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